Jenna's Shows:


A beautiful hula hoop performance that is playful and magical. Fire hula hoops can usually stay lit under constant movement and rotation for approximately 4-5 minutes. Jenna's entire fire show is 10 minutes long, and consists of both fire hoop and fire fans. Pricing for fire starts from 5 000 kronor plus moms. Jenna can also offer longer (or shorter) shows, can work with others, and is very flexible with music and choreography! The number of fire artists, length, and complexity of the show is taken into consideration in pricing. Always feel free to contact Jenna with any questions!

LED Hoop Show:

A LED glow-show is best performed in a darkened atmosphere, preferably indoors, and can last anywhere from 3-15 minutes. Jenna's LED shows are truly mesmerizing and magical. A high-tech performance that is pure candy for the eyes. Jenna is also available to dance freestyle and mingle with your guests. Pricing for a LED show starts from 3000 kronor plus moms. Jenna is very flexible when it comes to music, costumes, and choreography, so feel free to leave a few lines in the contact section so we can figure out what type of show and choreography works best for you!


Jenna "Jenna Hoops" Iwanchuk is also available to do mingles and workshops for schools, and various crowds and events. 

Good to know:

It is always beneficial to have a large amount of flat space which is protected from the wind for any fire performance and to have a clear boundary between the audience and the fire performer. Of course it is always possible to adapt the show for different areas of space and small amounts of controlled fire are normally no problem for indoor shows.

If it is too windy outdoors, the fire show would need to be cancelled due to safety reasons, but Jenna is always prepared to offer more options - including a magical and unforgettable multi-hoops show with up to 6 hula hoops! 

Jenna Hoops & any/all affiliates have yearly fire-safety training. The latest fire safety training with a fireman was in March 2016.

Jenna Hoops & any/all affiliates bring their own fire-extinguisher, safety blanket, materials, fire-safe clothing, and fuel.

Travel expenses for shows outside of Gothenburg and moms are not included in pricing and will be added onto the total cost.

Jenna is also the owner and co-founder of Irrbloss Group of Arts. Check them out here!


Hammarkullekarnevalen med Los Copihues den 28:e maj 2016

Regnbågsparaden den 12:e Juni 2016

The Linda Gold Show - Varberg Pride - 13 Augusti 2016

Gretas Göteborg - 8 Augusti 2016

Privatshow på Tjolöholmsslott - 20 Augusti 2016

Privashow (Barnkalas) i Falkenberg - 4 November 2016

Gretas Göteborg - 2 December 2016

Party Like Gatsby Gothenburg - 21 April 2017

West Pride med Irrbloss Group of Arts - 8 Juni 2017

Göteborgs Kulturkalas med Irrbloss Group of Arts - 16 Augusti 2017

Hoop N Hike Retreat i Norge - 14-18 September 2017