Beginner/Intermediate Hula Hoops

Every hula hoop is custom made by Jenna with care and love. Choosing the right hula hoop is essential to having a positive hooping experience.

Size matters! It is important in the very beginning to have a hoop that reaches up to your belly button - so take a measuring tape from the ground up and give yourself a measure! 

To begin with - most beginner hoopers have the most luck with a hoop that is approximately 95cm/37" in diameter and this is a lovely recommended starting measurement. If you find that you're having difficulty keeping the hoop in orbit around your waist - grabbing a hoop that has a larger diameter than your belly-button height can also be beneficial. There is no such thing as a hoop too big!

Keep in mind: The smaller the diameter of the hula hoop, the more you will have to work to get the momentum going. The larger the diameter, the easier it will be for you to find your momentum to keep the hoop in orbit around your waist! Toy hoops from the toy store are not recommended for adult hoopers. They are often too small and too thin for adults and it will feel discouraging as a beginner to try to keep a child's hoop in orbit around your waist.

The tubing for beginner hoops used is PE and is approximately 2cm/3/4" thick and is a lovely weight for beginners as well as hoopers who have danced already a bit who want to take their hoop dance to the next level. 

Why should I buy one of your handmade hula hoops?

There are a few differences between mass-produced hula hoops and handmade, hand-crafted hoops:

Handmade hula hoops are made specifically for your height and hooping skill-level. When you're beginning, your hoop should be as tall as your belly button if you stand it up from the ground vertically in front of your body.

Handmade hula hoops are also one of a kind and unique, which is something mass-producers of hula hoops cannot offer. They are made with love and attention to detail.

Buying handmade hula hoops means that you're supporting a small local business, which in turn supports the local economy.

Handmade products are tested by the maker because their name and reputation is associated with their product. You also get your value for your money because you don't pay for wholesalers or middle men - you pay for the product only.

3/4"Taped PE Dance Hoop: 275:- - 330:- inkl moms

5/8"Coloured Polypro: 350:- inkl moms

5/8"Naked Polypro: 300:- inkl moms

5/8"Taped Polypro: 425:- inkl moms 

Measure yourself or the person you're buying the hoop for and order from the selection up above <3

Please note that I only begin to make the hoops once the payment is received. Thank you.