What are the benefits of taking hula hoop classes?

In Hula Hoop classes we go over together what inspires us within the arts, dance, and flow. The focus is completely on the needs of the individuals in each class! We do a warm up, a 5-minute hoop dance workout, and we always go over some neat new tricks for everyone to take home to show to our friends and family!

I want each hooper to leave the class feeling inspired, confident, and happy!

Hula Hoop classes can benefit everyone - men and women alike. Do you have a dance group and want to explore new areas of dance? Do you have a group of friends and want to learn something new and fun together? Are you already in the flow arts with staff and/or poi and want to add something extra to your repertoire? Do you want to learn something new in a warm, friendly, and inviting environment? Then hooping is for you!

What should I wear to a hula hoop class?

Wear what you are most comfortable in. Leggings, shorts,gym clothes, regular clothes, pretty much anything works! I personally prefer some pretty forgiving clothes with stretchy fabrics so that I am comfortable moving around.

I can't make it on those days but I really want to hoop! What can I do?

Don't worry! I am available for private bookings. Contact me via the Contact page for pricing and information.

Sometimes I am also booked at other studios around Gothenburg which you can also come to for a drop-in workshop. All extra workshops will appear on the Classes page.

Jenna, do you do performances?

Yes, I am available to do both fire and LED performances. I am flexible with choreography and work well with others! For pricing and information please contact me and leave a bit of extra information regarding the performance.

Why should I buy one of your handmade hula hoops?

There are a few differences between mass-produced hula hoops and handmade, hand-crafted hoops:

Handmade hula hoops are made specifically for your height and hooping skill-level. When you're beginning, your hoop should be as tall as your belly button if you stand it up from the ground vertically in front of your body.

Handmade hula hoops have grip tape added on them so that the hoop cannot slip so easily down your body while you're hooping. They are also one of a kind and unique, which is something mass-producers oh hula hoops cannot offer. They are made with love and attention to detail.

Buying handmade hula hoops means that you're supporting local small businesses, which in turn supports the local economy.

Handmade products are tested by the maker because their name and reputation is associated with their product. You also get your value for your money because you don't pay for wholesalers or middle men - you pay for the product only.