Beginner Basics

New to hooping and just want to keep it up on the waist? In this workshop we troubleshoot why the hoop falls and how to keep it up!

Body Rolls & Behind the Back Flair

This specialized workshop is tailored just for you! Let's get you nailing those body rolls 100% of the time!

Vortexes, Helicopters & Horizontal Madness

Brain sizzling vortexes, expanding horizons with 1 handed helicopters! Let's get horizontal!

Vertical Off-Body

Smears, Mandalas, Can-Can, Rainbows, and more!


Sign up here to learn mesmerizing isolations, barrel-rolls, and iso-pops!

Leg & Foot Hooping

Put some shorts on and we will leg hoop the day away!

Chest Hooping

Here you will learn how to bring the hoop up to your chest effortlessly without your hands!

Sustained Spinning

If you love the look of sustained spinning, come test it out! Weak in the stomach? I'll show you how to fix that!

2 Hoop Split

Here we learn how to split 2 hoops on the body! Prerequisite: Chest Hooping.

Twin Fundamentals

Here you will learn 2 beat weave, windmill, 3 beat weave, and learn how to keep to your planes!

Building Shapes with 3-4 Hoops

In this brand new workshop I will teach you how to build sturdy globes and other shapes and lines that appear in modern hooping.

60 Minute Workout for Intermediate Hoopers

Designed for you who can already chest hoop, knee hoop, weave, and have fitness on the brain! Time to get sweaty!

Payment info

There are several ways to pay:

  • Swish
  • Cash/Kontant
  • BG/PG

How much do the classes cost?

  • 150:- SEK drop-in price
  • 10 classes for 1350:- SEK
  • 5 classes for 700:- SEK

Do I have to pay in advance, or can I pay at the class?

You are welcome to pay by Swish or cash if you wish to just pay the drop-in price at the class. If you want to purchase 5 or 10 classes, it is recommended that you pay in advance via one of the methods above. Receipt/kvitto can be provided upon request. For Swish/Bank information, please email me or PM me on Facebook :)