"The structure of a hula hoop – a circle - is a fundamental structure in nature, sciences, and mathematics. The symbolism behind circles is enjoyed and persists even today as we place crowns of flowers on our heads, exchange rings for promise, and dance together around fire. Everyone can have their own personal views of what a circle symbolizes to them. For some, a circle can mean spheres, planets, orbit, earth, nature..."

"Circles also mean eternity. Circles have no ending and no beginning. Continuous. Everlasting. They represent the present, continuous, and future aspirations. Circles can be perfectly symmetrical, or they can have small variances - nuances along their paths. Even some hula hoops aren't perfectly symmetrical, but after practice and use, they round out more and more through experience and every rotation along their journey. The circle also represents the eternal flow that is life - the coming and the going, the ebbs and flows, the highs and lows - and also the eternal flow of love. I invite you all to come together and feel that flow. Come to the eternal circle, the flow, the coming and the going... and when you feel an ebb, remember the flow, take deep breaths and remember that life and love are eternal and precious." -Jenna

Hula hooping has helped me find myself, and has kept me grounded through some of my best and worst of times. Through sheer passion and determination, hooping has become a significant part of my life. 

I now have a stronger sense of what I do and do not want to do in my life, what makes me happy, and how to spread that positivity and happiness to others in my very own way.

My hoop journey has helped me find myself more than any other enjoyable hobby I have partaken in. It promotes fitness, fun, play, and brings out the inner child. I am passionate about sharing hoop love because I feel that when someone is genuinely interested in learning, then sharing in the skills and passion is yet another joy that it can bring. 

Jenna Hoops

Jenna is a certified Hoop Love Coach, a Hooping Mad Advanced Teacher, and is a licensed Personal Trainer through Nordic Academy of Sweden. Jenna offers hula hoop classes, workshops, handmade hula hoops, and loves to do performances! Since autumn 2015, Jenna has taught 32+ hula hoop workshops in Gothenburg, Sweden - each with it's own theme and specialty-based tricks.

A coworking space for cultural, creative and social based activities in Kviberg, Gothenburg.

En samarbetsplats för kulturellt, kreativt och socialt inriktade aktörer i Kviberg, Göteborg.

Kompani 415 is a 684 sqm large yellow house situated nearby the old regiment of Kviberg. Artists, musicians, actors, writers, cultural workers and engineers all come together here to work and create. Kompani 415 is a creative and sustainable place; where cooperation is encouraged rather than competition.

Kompani 415 är ett 684 kvadratmeter stort gult trähus beläget i Kvibergs gamla regemente. Här samsas allt från konstnärer, musiker, teatergrupper och skribenter till ideella föreningar och ingenjörer. Kompani 415 är en plats där människor jobbar, skapar, samtalar och möts; en plats där ‘samarbete framför konkurrens’ är en given gemensam grund.